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Inside is finished!


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Prepping the interior of a car for paint is SUCH a pain, especially with a roll cage welded in. It also causes you to have to climb in and out, squeeze into cramped spaces, and find yourself quite uncomfortable. For example, this:




Surely seeing a pair of legs hanging from outside the trunk of the car looked odd to those passing by.

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It’s that time of year again where it’s time to start working on the car. Well actually, it’s past that time of year. I’m getting a late start. Last year we made an unsuccessful attempt to repaint the E30. A lot of procrastinating, lack of money, and lack of motivation took place and it was never completed. This year will be different.

I am so looking forward to having the paint finished. It would seriously be such a relief. I’m tired of sanding and cleaning and getting red dust ALL over me. Plus, the late nights really do a number on me.

So as of right now, the inside of the car just needs to be cleaned and taped off. Then it’s time for paint! I’m hoping it doesn’t rain. Please don’t rain! I will be ever so grateful.

Once the inside is painted, the roll cage needs to be painted again as well. It got pretty dirty and scuffed up during the preparation of the interior and doesn’t look so great anymore. Then after that it’s on to the outside! Then mission “Paint Car” will be complete!

Here are some cell phone pics from last night.





My dirty jeans!

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Mika is such a silly puppy! Occasionally she’ll chase her tail on her own and sometimes if you show it to her she’ll chase it too. This is funny but I felt so bad for her!

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