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That’s right. It’s MONDAY now and I’m still here. I kind of feel sorry for all those followers who believed Harold Camping’s prediction and those who spent their life savings or spent money on some last family trip because they all thought the world was ending on Saturday. I can’t understand how, when the Bible tells us that nobody except for God Himself will know when the Rapture will occur and the Second Coming of Christ is, someone can sit there and claim they know and contradict the Bible. Even more so, I don’t understand how he could convince SO many people out there that what he said was true. Nobody will ever know. Nobody will ever be prepared for it in the sense that they can go out and see the world before it happens. The only way to prepare for it is to have faith.


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Sorry people but I’m pretty sure that we’re never going to be able to predict when the world will end or when the second coming of Christ is. Sorry to burst your bubbles.

Oh yea and…

It’s Friday, Friday,
Tomorrow is Saturday, Saturday.
Oh and guess what?
I’ll be seeing you on SUNDAY, SUNDAY.
Rapture whaaat?

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Time and time again we all say to ourselves how we need to work out and eat healthier but not everyone actually follows through with it. I know I’m guilty of saying that to myself plenty of times. This time I’m really making an effort to incorporate it into my life and make it stay that way. I want to be fit and stay healthy not just now but even in like 10-20 years from now and so on. Wish me luck, I’m going to need it! 

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