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Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted up about the E30. It’s been a long process, mostly because I was sidetracked with photography and paying off bills. This year, I’m more focused. The E30 is completely painted, recently painted the wheels white, and I just ordered coilovers that came in on Thursday. Also, these photos don’t do the awesome green color justice. Maybe the first one does but it’s one of those things you just have to see in person.

Researching suspension took a while. I didn’t want to continue running struts and springs and was looking for actual coilovers but not many companies offered a whole lot of options for what I needed to run. Sure, there were sets out there that were for the street or light track use but that’s not what the E30 was built for. It’s strictly a track car and will see heavy use out there, so obviously those weren’t going to work out.

A lot of the coilover options require modification too. In order to install the fronts, typically the company sends a new shock tube, then you’re supposed to cut the old tube, and weld the new one on to the spindle. Fun stuff. Also, the rear in E30s aren’t true coilovers. From there, I had to decide whether to keep it like that or convert to true coilovers which brought up other issues. If I were to run coilovers in the rear, I would need to reinforce the rear shock mounts. Confused? Well, converting to true coilovers causes a strain from the weight of the car and you need to spread out the load. Typically with shocks, most of the dampening forces are produced in rebound and not in compression. When in rebound, the shock will be pulling down on the tower. I know a lot of people don’t like the idea of making the rear true coilovers or think it’s stupid but to each their own.

Anyway, I decided to go with the K-Sport Version RR’s. I had talked to Joacim Flatby Nielsen out in Norway about what he was running and these were the same ones he was using in his E30. He told me how the price was reasonable and that they worked really well so that helped me make a final decision. Plus, I had some help from Formula Drift driver Corey Hosford working with K-Sport to order these. I’m excited! Now I just need to have a friend weld the new shock tubes on the OEM spindle, have those powdercoated, buy some Z3 rear shock mounts for reinforcement, and I should be good to go!

This is how the car sits now, the coilovers haven’t been installed yet.


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It’s been awhile since Irwindale. I’m extremely glad I went and I totally would’ve regretted it if I hadn’t. You can check out the posts over at OMGDrift or just click here and read all about how I accidentally brought a loaded clip with me to the airport or how I had a ride along with Matt Powers and crashed. I’m super happy with my set from this round. I think it’s the best I’ve done so far.

Anyhoo, I also just came back from Las Vegas for SEMA. Talk about a lot of walking. It felt like we walked for days. A lot of the same people were there that I always see at the Formula Drift events as well so it was nice to see people again. I was also excited to see the RWB cars. Love. My other favorite part was going to this awesome bar called Insert Coin(s). It’s filled with all of the old school arcade games as well as a bunch of TVs to play newer games on different consoles like the XBox and PS3. I’ll be making a post about that later.

So really, just a brief update on things. I’ll have something more interesting soon.

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Round 7 for FD out at the Toyota Irwindale Speedway was awesome. I had a lot of fun and I’m quite pleased with the photos from this round. I’ll post some of them up soon but in the meantime, check out our coverage over at OMGDrift!

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I’m heading back out to Las Vegas tomorrow morning for Formula Drift Round 6! I’ll be out in the sweltering heat taking photos. Wish me luck. I may die.

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Almost forgot, Part 2 is out. Check it out here!

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If you don’t know what tilt shift is, get to know it. Whether it’s photography or video, it never ceases to amaze me. I would love to try out some tilt shift photos at some point!

Here’s a video from Formula Drift 2010 in Sonoma brought to you by MotorMavens. I know it’s been out for a little bit now but I’ve now finally decided to dedicate a post to it since I just watched it again. Enjoy!

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