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I broke down and bought COD: Black Ops the day it came out. I have played somewhere until 1-3AM every night since. It’s bad. COD has taken over! I haven’t finished the campaign yet since I’ve been playing live most of the time. It’s hard not to when so many other people have the game and keep inviting me to play. At some point I’ll finish, haha. I’ve also played the Zombies. Yea, COD has a zombie co-op you can play too.

If you have an XBox and Black Ops, add me! My gamertag is KimARx070. FYI, I don’t really talk to people much during gameplay, like conversations about life, so don’t be offended or whatever. I’m usually pretty into the game. Plus, when it’s like 1AM and I’ve been playing for 6 hours straight, I’m pretty effing tired. That’s for you guys Andy and Ceso. 😛


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I want to be a Gundam pilot.

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