I’m Off to Vegas…

I’m heading back out to Las Vegas tomorrow morning for Formula Drift Round 6! I’ll be out in the sweltering heat taking photos. Wish me luck. I may die.


The Dreaded Glaucoma Test

That’s right. For those of you have experienced an eye exam in order to get glasses because you’re blind, you know what I’m talking about; the glaucoma test. This is the reason why I hate having an eye exam done. This is the reason why I may or may not have minor panic attacks inside my head. When I sit down in the chair, rest my chin on the chin rest and put my forehead forward at the little bar, I start freaking out inside. My hands get sweaty, my heart starts pounding, and I clasp my hands together so tight it hurts. It’s as if this small machine was designed to gouge my eyes out, or so my body thinks.

Sure, a small puff of air doesn’t seem like a big deal, right? But it’s the fact that the puff of air is directed at your eye. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s just a quick, short burst of air from a few inches away. It doesn’t even hurt. It’s more so the anticipation and the uncomfortable feeling of my eyes receiving a blow job. Yes, I did just say that. It scares me really and I jump every time that air shoots out because again, it freaks me out.

There have been times where I’ve had to have this attempted on me multiple times because my eyes involuntarily close. I basically have to force myself to keep them open. Plus, in general I have to open my eyes a little wider because I’m Asian! I mean, come on. In fact, it reminds me of this Friends episode where Rachael is having the same issues.

Splitscreen Love

Saw this roaming around on Yahoo News today. Awesome video!



Splitscreen: A Love Story from JW Griffiths on Vimeo.

The wedding day madness. I woke up Saturday morning to Amber jumping on the bed Stephanie and her two sisters were sleeping in as she yelled, “It’s your wedding daaayyy!” Of course, I wanted to keep sleeping but our day was packed full of things to do. Once we were all up and ready, Stephanie and her sister Lori (her MOH) left for some Starbucks and to go get their hair done at Ulta. The rest of us sat patiently in the hotel room as we awaited Jillian and Michella to arrive and do our hair.

Michella arrived first and started my hair while Jililan came not long after that with her two week old newborn daughter, Rhyen. Rhyen is so cute! Of course, since I was getting my hair done, I wasn’t able to hold her yet.

After our hair was finished up, we all headed over to Champ’s for a quick bridal luncheon before heading back out to get our makeup done and get dressed.

After lunch, Amber and I went over to the mall to get our makeup done for free. I don’t think I’ll EVER do that again. When we left, we both looked like prostitutes, that’s how heavy our eye makeup was. From there we were in a rush to get back to the hotel to fix our makeup and get our dresses on since the photographers were arriving soon.

Once we were ready we headed to the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center to take photos. Kari Crowe and her husband, Mark Seher, were the photographers. I admire their work a lot and I still can’t wait to see the rest of the photos they took. We took a bunch of photos out on a field nearby. All of us girls sank into the ground with our heels and got our shoes muddy, haha.

After photos were over, we waited around until the guests started arriving and for the ceremony to begin. The ceremony itself went by really fast and I didn’t trip; success! Then it was on to the reception with some good food and fun dancing!! I even caught the bouquet. Eek. Only sad part from the night was that Brad and I never took a picture together.

Earlier this week fellow friends/photographers/videographers Larry Chen and Joe Ayala posted a video on YouTube and Vimeo of their short video titled, “Stuck.” As a result of their boredom at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, they decided to have some fun. The video shows them having a wheelchair race, playing on the PA system at an American Airlines counter, sneaking a beer, and much more. Watch for yourself!


STUCK from Joe Ayala on Vimeo.

I think the video is hilarious! I ❤ them. The video, however, has seemed to bring about some controversy regarding airport security. You’ll notice that the airport seems abandoned and nobody is there to stop their shenanigans. Of course, the airport is upset that they ran around doing these things but really it goes to show you how poorly their security is set up. You can read more about it here or over on Jalopnik or even here.

I’ve been reading comments and it’s been entertaining. People who are angry and think Larry and Joe are terrible people, people think it was staged, people think the intent of the video was to highlight poor security, people think it’s funny, etc. In fact, one guy even commented saying it was fake and bs because the video is in HD and in focus. L oh effing L. Seriously dude? You don’t think we can record in HD and know how to focus? They both own Canons and I know Joe has a 7d, which records in 1080p. They’re both photographers/videographers, duh. They know what they’re doing and know how to edit.

Anyways, props to them. Next time I see them I’ll give ’em a high five. Job well done!

Also, see Larry over at www.driftfotos.com and Joe over at www.motormavens.com !

This is a little late but this past Saturday, June 11th, two of my close friends got married! Congratulations Stephanie and Bryan! Her sisters and cousins, our friend Amber, and myself were all bridesmaids so we were with her the majority of the time hanging out and preparing for the day.

Friday I left work early to head down to Colorado Springs for the rehearsal and dinner. I pretty much had to book it since I was strapped for time. Jeff, Amber, and I were all late. Oops. The rehearsal seemed to go by SUPER fast and admittedly, I wasn’t paying attention the entire time. We went through one run and were done. I let it be known that I had no idea where I was going during the practice but got it down after that. My aisle partner was one of Bryan’s friends, Codin. He was pretty fun. We talked about me falling and how I hoped it wouldn’t happen. That’s one of my biggest fears, tripping and falling over my own clumsy legs. Albeit, I was wearing some pretty high heels that evening.

The "hot librarian" cops feel from big boobied blonde.

After the rehearsal we stood around and talked and met the others who were there for a little bit. From there, we took off to go eat over at The Depot, an old train station that was turned into a restaurant and is quite popular for events and rehearsal dinners. We took pictures, hung out, ate food, and had fun. Best part about it? Well, apparently it’s against health code for people to take home food if it’s in a buffet style format, which the dinner was. Well, guess who had a bunch of empty tupperware to sneak food home with!? Bryan’s parents. So the parents took watch as the bridesmaids piled food into the containers as the groomsmen watched. Awesome.

After everyone was finished up there we headed to the Antlers hotel in downtown Colorado Springs. The girls were all staying the night and getting ready there the next day. The guys hadn’t planned on staying there but ended up doing so after a night of drinking and partying and swimming. We hung out with them at the pool for a little bit, which resulted in Jeff taking a running head start and tackling me into the pool. Fun stuff.

I think us girls got to sleep around 2am or later. As for the guys, I have no idea but I know it was much later than us. Needless to say, with the girls having to get up way earlier than the guys to get our hair done, makeup, get dressed, etc. we were way tired. I’ll leave the actual wedding day festivities for another post.


MYOB = Mind Your Own Business

I get that. When things you have don’t need to be known by everyone or when people ask about situations that have nothing to do with them and they’re only asking for the sake of knowing. Of course, they should mind their own business.

What I don’t get? When people post up things online that can be easily seen by others and then complain that it’s not other people’s business. I mean…really? For example, Facebook. Everyone and their moms, even grandma’s are on it by now. Sure, you can limit the amount of information people can see to a degree but if you’re already friends with someone, what you post is fair game.

If you’re posting a personal issue or are complaining about something that happened and someone comes in and comments with something you don’t agree with and you tell them to mind their own business? Well, I say, if you want them to mind their own business, then don’t post it on fucking Facebook for people to see. Sorry, that not everyone agrees with you or feels sorry for you. Sure, you’re looking for pity or for some vote of confidence but it doesn’t always happen. Get over it.

The other situation is, when two people are talking and someone else joins in on their conversation, then those two people get upset and are like, “this is our conversation blahblahblah.” Again people, it’s Facebook. If you want to have a private conversation, then make it private via messages or whatever, not on so-and-so’s wall.