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This past Saturday night was my second time taking photos at Beta Nightclub with Robbie Rivera as the headliner. This time definitely went better than the last because I had a little more knowledge regarding what I was doing. I set my flash to slow sync which helped to capture the environment within the club. It was a little difficult though when it was taking too long to capture photos because people thought the picture was already done when it wasn’t. As a result, I tried setting it to the rear sync to try and avoid that.

I’m definitely happier with this set of photos than the last but I still have a lot to learn. I’d like to continue to improve though!





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I’ve been given the opportunity to photograph events at Beta Nightclub located in Denver, CO. This is a completely new type of photography for me, seeing as how I’m used to plenty of light that happens to stay one color and isn’t flashing or moving around. The club atmosphere has minimal lighting, there are lights all around beaming different colors in different places, and people are moving.

Needless to say, I was nervous taking photos. It was definitely a learning experience for me and I really need more practice with my SB600. I enjoyed it though! I think I got a couple good shots in but it could definitely use some work as well. I think one of my goals this year will be to improve my night photography skills since I rarely take photos at night and it’s something I need to start doing more often.

I must say though that it’s a bit scary to push your way through a crowd of hot, sweaty, dancing people with flailing arms as you try and protect your camera and equipment. I mean, I’m a small, Asian girl so it was quite a feat to go through the crowd at the front in order to get to the other side and then make my way up to the very front later. I just kept thinking, “Please don’t knock my camera to the floor, please, please, please…”

Anyhoo, I hope to learn more and produce better photos in the future! You can see the rest of the photos here.

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Took this photo while driving home from my parent’s.

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