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This past Saturday night was my second time taking photos at Beta Nightclub with Robbie Rivera as the headliner. This time definitely went better than the last because I had a little more knowledge regarding what I was doing. I set my flash to slow sync which helped to capture the environment within the club. It was a little difficult though when it was taking too long to capture photos because people thought the picture was already done when it wasn’t. As a result, I tried setting it to the rear sync to try and avoid that.

I’m definitely happier with this set of photos than the last but I still have a lot to learn. I’d like to continue to improve though!





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Artist: Tiesto featuring Tegan & Sara
Song: “Feel It In My Bones”
Album: Kaleidoscope

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Artist: Deadmau5
Song: Strobe
Album: For Lack of A Better Name

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