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Remember that video I posted of Larry Chen and Joe Ayala stuck at DFW Airport? The one they created and recorded their shenanigans because they were bored and wanted to have fun? Oh, and how SO many people kept thinking it was staged and fake? Well, like I said before and I’ll say it again, it’s real. In fact, their segment with MSNBC’s “Caught On Camera” just aired recently. Go ahead and take a looksie.


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Earlier this week fellow friends/photographers/videographers Larry Chen and Joe Ayala posted a video on YouTube and Vimeo of their short video titled, “Stuck.” As a result of their boredom at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, they decided to have some fun. The video shows them having a wheelchair race, playing on the PA system at an American Airlines counter, sneaking a beer, and much more. Watch for yourself!


STUCK from Joe Ayala on Vimeo.

I think the video is hilarious! I ❤ them. The video, however, has seemed to bring about some controversy regarding airport security. You’ll notice that the airport seems abandoned and nobody is there to stop their shenanigans. Of course, the airport is upset that they ran around doing these things but really it goes to show you how poorly their security is set up. You can read more about it here or over on Jalopnik or even here.

I’ve been reading comments and it’s been entertaining. People who are angry and think Larry and Joe are terrible people, people think it was staged, people think the intent of the video was to highlight poor security, people think it’s funny, etc. In fact, one guy even commented saying it was fake and bs because the video is in HD and in focus. L oh effing L. Seriously dude? You don’t think we can record in HD and know how to focus? They both own Canons and I know Joe has a 7d, which records in 1080p. They’re both photographers/videographers, duh. They know what they’re doing and know how to edit.

Anyways, props to them. Next time I see them I’ll give ’em a high five. Job well done!

Also, see Larry over at www.driftfotos.com and Joe over at www.motormavens.com !

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