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Remember how I always forget about the 29376293 means of social outlets that are out there? Well, I do; which means sometimes a lot of times I forget about this blog. So some highlights since the last post? Here we go:

FD Seattle was awesome. I’ve never been to Seattle and I really like it, minus the whole raining the majority of the time thing. We did touristy things and went to the Pike Place Market where we ran into Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis who happened to be in town apparently promoting their movie “The Campaign.” There was a HUGE crowd waiting for them and we just happened to stumble upon the whole thing and were lucky enough to be right there and snap some photos. From FD media to paparazzi. Bam. I was also able to get a ride along with FD driver Odi Bakchis during practice thanks to Andy Luk since my last ride along with Matt Powers didn’t turn out so great, haha. It’s pretty amazing being able to experience first hand what their view is like.

The Pikes Peak International Hillclimb. So amazing and yet such a brutal event to photograph. From getting roughly 2-3 hours of sleep during the night, to waking up at hours like 3AM and spending hours upon hours on a mountain where you experience everything from cold, rain, snow, and warm weather. However, when you come back with those shots, you realize how much it’s worth it. Maybe. On race day we were literally on the mountain for 19 hours, no joke. There were quite a few accidents and delays which prolonged the race and it also took about 2 hours to drive down the mountain with all the people.

House hunting. I’m at a point where I need more room and a garage and a yard…and I can’t find that in an apartment. Even if I somehow did, the cost would basically be as much as a mortgage payment so why not put that payment towards something that counts, right? I’m excited but it’s kind of stressful and nerve-racking. Still hunting but we’ll see what happens.

Finally, the E30. A lot has been in the works with it so this deserves its own post. More to come soon.


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It’s been awhile since Irwindale. I’m extremely glad I went and I totally would’ve regretted it if I hadn’t. You can check out the posts over at OMGDrift or just click here and read all about how I accidentally brought a loaded clip with me to the airport or how I had a ride along with Matt Powers and crashed. I’m super happy with my set from this round. I think it’s the best I’ve done so far.

Anyhoo, I also just came back from Las Vegas for SEMA. Talk about a lot of walking. It felt like we walked for days. A lot of the same people were there that I always see at the Formula Drift events as well so it was nice to see people again. I was also excited to see the RWB cars. Love. My other favorite part was going to this awesome bar called Insert Coin(s). It’s filled with all of the old school arcade games as well as a bunch of TVs to play newer games on different consoles like the XBox and PS3. I’ll be making a post about that later.

So really, just a brief update on things. I’ll have something more interesting soon.

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Almost forgot, Part 2 is out. Check it out here!

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